The Top 12 Holidays To Throw A Party (And Why You Should)

Anita Ventura

April 01

The best time to have a party is always, but you may want to consider one of these 12 days for your next get-together.

The Best Holiday Party Ideas

Everyone loves an excuse to have a party. With the multitude of holidays throughout the calendar year, you won’t be short of fantastic party ideas to have as a theme – Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and New Year, of course, are just for starters. Everyone loves a party theme as an excuse to dress up, relax and get into the holiday party groove. But there are the less obvious holiday party ideas too, which can get your creative juices following, and which will enable you to be crowned the party holder of the year! So, if you want to hold a holiday party with a difference – silly or sophisticated – then there’s plenty to choose from. The key is in the planning – it’s so important that if you want to hold a party extraordinaire, you have to organize yourself in advance, so there are no nasty surprises when the holiday season hits…

Christmas Party Celebration
1. Christmas Parties

You have a significant choice from formal, elegant Christmas cocktail parties to a fun wreath-making and winter wonderland get-togethers, which are guaranteed to spread holiday cheer, even if you're doing these online, because Christmas is obviously a major holiday party which can have a number of knock-ons Christmas holiday parties linked to it - which could include a gift wrapping party, a reverse Christmas in July get-together, a decorating party as well as the obviously Big Day Christmas party itself. It could be just an excuse to invite your friends to get you all into the Christmas party holiday mood- you can literally ask everyone over, and perhaps even get your friends to bring food and drink while you all plan the main Christmas party event - a sort of pre-party Christmas party! They could join you for a merry little holiday gathering with fun and festive Christmas party ideas to make prepping for the holidays feel more enjoyable and less like hard work. So, settle in for an evening or afternoon filled with hot chocolate, a Christmas movie marathon, gingerbread houses - all your guests need to do is to bring their favorite Christmas movie, ugly sweater, Christmas food, or drink, and you'll find it won't be long before you're all in the holiday spirit. Christmas gift exchange is optional! Just don't forget the Christmas tree.

2. New Year's Eve

New Years' Eve is another time you can get together - Covid permitting! And you know you can never go wrong with cute decorations, a sparkly outfit, yummy appetizers, and lots of champagne and fabulous music. You could even give your party a specific theme - the 1920s, 1980s, Roman parties (complete with togas), and Harry Potter are all great themes and give everyone an excuse to dress up and act silly. Focus your invitations, decorations, food, and games, as well as music choices around your chosen theme, and your party will soon be the envy of the neighbourhood.

3. Super Bowl

The same goes with Super Bowl - host a party at your house with the big game on. Invites, food, decorations, and drinks can all have a football theme, and with your favourite team's shirt on, costumes won't be an issue! Fun and hotdogs are the order of the day. You could even transform a room into a game cave complete with beer tables – make food as easy as possible with dips and finger foods, so you don’t miss the fun while everyone else is enjoying the game!

July 4th classic food spread
4. July 4th/Independence Day

Now's the time to dust down the stars and stripes flags, light up the grill with meats and veggies, and to prepare a spread of red, white, and blue bbq delights with hotdogs, burgers, and all things American. Desserts are essential, as are fireworks. Perhaps a holiday movie will go well too...

5. Valentine's Day

Invitations, decorations, and food to this themed party simply have to be heart-shaped and everything romantic - candles, chocolate, and champagne. For those of you who want more than just your partner to court with a dinner party, a few board games will help the evening with friends run smoothly and will create hilarity as well as a bit of much-loved embarrassment. Grand gestures are imperative.

Party on St. Patricks Day
6. St Patrick's Day

No St Patrick’s Day party, whether you're Irish or not, can go ahead without festive decorations, delicious Irish recipes (anything with corned beef and cabbage!) as well as Guinness. The Irish love a drink so, use your imagination and create green concoctions to go with the theme of the night - perhaps green jello shots appeal? You’ve got so much fun to have with die-cut shamrocks, to more classic table decorations, hanging home decorations, and St Patrick’s Day banners. What about a fancy-dress competition with prizes for the winners – potatoes or a pint of beer or Guinness are not included.

7. Earth Day

Earth Day is another excuse to go green as well with another popular holiday-themed party- just remember to use environmentally friendly invitations, party decor, and party favors. You can even create your Earth day menu using fresh, local, organic ingredients. Party games could include a garden scavenger hunt with pine cones, specific flowers, and other natural garden vegetation as the list of items to find.

people in costume at a Halloween Party
8. Halloween

Halloween parties can be a scream! Now, we all know how much fun Halloween parties can be with witches, wizards, and other spooky dress-ups to freak us out! Prizes for the best costume are optional. Again, food, drink, and entertainment can be themed to match - shots are the order of the day (or night) here, and you could use the mad scientist theme to add a little green glow in the dark shot magic and perhaps use a beaker as your serving pitcher... Apple-bobbing, blind man's bluff, and hide and seek are just some of the Halloween games you can play with an adult twist...

9. Mardi Gras

Your guests will love this favorite holiday event as it's very in-keeping with the masks they've had to wear during the pandemic, but with a little sparkly variation! So, what about a mask competition - there's nothing like a bit of rivalry to bring out your creative juices. Dirty rice and gumbo is a traditional New Orleans dish that is extremely tasty and served with Creole crab cakes, and you can't go far wrong! Also popular for Mardi Gras are pancakes served with literally anything - including sprinkles. Milk punch is a typical holiday drink throughout New Orleans and the Deep South with its simple ingredients of milk, sugar, bourbon, and vanilla. Just add lots of ice to get a very chilled drink which is similar to eggnog and is topped with nutmeg. Now just serve the King cake, and you're on your way to a great holiday party with a difference...

10. Oktoberfest

If you can't get to be one of the millions of people from around the world who flock to the folk festivals of Munich, Bavaria, Germany to eat their traditional foods, listen to their traditional music, wear conventional Bavarian garb, which includes lederhosen for men and dirndl for women and tirolerhute unisex hats, and of course to drink the internationally loved beer - then you can create your own beer festival in your very own backyard. Beer doesn't have to be limited to German!

11. Cinco de Mayo

his is a national holiday to celebrate Mexico's independence - a lot of people use this day as an excuse to party - whether they're Latino or not! Make a big pitcher of margaritas or a punch bowl of sangria, and then when your guests arrive, offer them a drink. Beer is also essential. Keep food simple – lots of finger food so everyone can dance and enjoy the music.

12. Hanukkah

If you’re going to host a party during this holiday period, then why not ask your friends to bring classic Hanukkah dishes along for a bit of potluck – someone can bring latkes, and someone else can rustle up jelly donuts sufganiyot – don’t think you can get out of it, as you could be in charge of the main dish such as brisket – this buffet-style of partying means you had the opportunity to mingle and have fun too!

Choose Your Holiday Party Theme

No one really needs an excuse to have a party, but a themed party around a specific holiday gives the holiday period that extra bit of fun. Christmas is inevitably the most popular time to host a party, and as there’s such a build-up to the Christmas season, there are plenty of brilliant excuses to have a party in the lead-up-to or after Christmas, with New Year being the obvious. So, if you want to party in your pyjamas, sweatpants, or shorts, if it’s your party and the weather permits, it’s your choice. Just remember to set the mood with the invites, the decorations, the food, drink, and music, and then enjoy!

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