Top 7 Spooky Halloween Themes for Adults

Anita Ventura

September 12

From witches brew and zombies to ghost stories and Practical Magic, there is a party theme for everyone this halloween. If you're looking for new ideas for an adult party this October, we’ve have great ideas for themes. Here are our top 7 popular adult Halloween party themes that will have your friends howling for more.

Halloween isn't just for trick-or-treating kids and parents. Adults are nearly as happy (if not more) dressing up as their favorite characters as children are! We may have traded in Halloween candy for spooky-inspired cocktails a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun.
So, without further ado, let’s go over ten frightenedly fun party themes for your next Halloween Bash.

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Popular Halloween Themes for Adults

1. Angels vs Devils Party

First up on our list is the easy yet exciting adult Halloween party theme, Angels vs. Devils. Your guests should arrive ready for a night of fun dressed up as angels, devils, or even fallen angels.

Food and Drink

For this adult party theme, we recommend making red and white sangria to represent the theme. Red sangria, made to signify devils, should contain brandy, red wine, sliced apples, blackberries, sliced oranges, apple cider, and triple sec. You might also want to add grenadine to make your Halloween sangria blood red.

Meanwhile, white sangria should feature white wine, apples, raspberries, Bacardi Limon, raspberry-flavored seltzer water, and triple sec. However, this time you should core your apples, cutting them into circular shapes to resemble an angel’s halo. With two boozy sangria punches, you will want to be sure to have lots of food for your guests to enjoy. You may even want to serve Angel and Devil-inspired sweet treats like cupcakes

Setup & Halloween Party Decorations

The color palette for an Angels vs. Devils Halloween Party should be red, black, and white. An easy way to decorate your space for the theme is by hanging bright red streamers and scattering lit candles.

We also suggest purchasing backup devil and angel Halloween costume accessories to have on hand for any guests that didn't have time to get a corresponding outfit. They are readily accessible on Amazon, Etsy, Party City, and your local Spirit Halloween store.

2. Classic Halloween Costume Party

Halloween Costume Party

A classic Halloween party with a costume contest is among the most popular Halloween party themes for a reason. It allows your friends to dress up in their finest costumes and compete for a prize – whether it be a gift card, Jell-O shot, or simply bragging rights.

Food and Drink

When planning a classic Halloween party, we suggest serving caramel apples and lots of Halloween candy. You may also make a "char-spooky" board, which is essentially a Halloween-themed charcuterie board. Grazing tables, boards, and finger foods are perfect for parties.

You can whip up some apple cider sangria or blood orange rum punch to serve to your guests. Serve either beverage in a large pitcher to double as a decorative element on your buffet table setup.

Setup & Halloween Party Decorations

For this party theme, you can stick to decorating your space as you usually would for Fall and Halloween. If you want to make your Halloween party extra fun, set up a D.I.Y. selfie station with themed props for your guests to have mini photoshoots in their Halloween costumes.
In addition, you should reserve some of your space to later hold the costume contest. It is much more fun when each guest or duo gets the chance to show off their Halloween costume to the crowd.

3. Ghouls Night Out Party

This haunted twist on your typical girl's night out is perfect for the spooky season! Gather your favorite ghouls, wine, and party snacks for a night to dismember.

A Ghoulish Spread

Greet your guests with welcome shots, particularly pink lemonade Jell-O shots topped with candy eyeballs to match the theme. As we mentioned above, a grazing table or Halloween-themed charcuterie board is ideal for serving your guests, especially if you plan to pair it with wine.

For dessert, you can’t go wrong with serving dark chocolate cake or other popular Halloween treats like lady fingers and stuffed pumpkins (aka orange bell peppers). The pink drinks and spooky food showcase precisely what this unique adult party theme tries to achieve.

Halloween Party Decorations

The color palette for this fun Halloween party theme is typically pink, black, and white. If pink is not your thing, feel free to swap it out with purple or orange. In terms of décor, we suggest keeping things chic yet spooky. So, drape spider webs on the wall while still having pops of color from fresh flowers or serving ware.

You will also want to have fun photo props for group shots with your ghoul gang, which you can purchase online from retailers like Ebay or Etsy. We personally love this spooky oversized graveyard banner and think it would make the perfect backdrop for Halloween selfies.

4. Hocus Pocus Party

With the new Hocus Pocus sequel premiering this September, we had to mention this potential adult Halloween party theme. So, turn up your music and dance to “I Put A Spell On You” til’ the Sanderson sisters say you can stop!

Would a Hocus Pocus party be complete without Halloween candy? No matter their age, we are sure your guests will adore eating their favorite classic chocolate bars and candy inside a cauldron-shaped bucket. You might also want to decorate brownies to look like Winfred Sanderson’s iconic evil spell book using candy eyes, black frosting, and a piping bag.

Spellbinding Spirits
Witches Brew and other spooky treats

For drinks, we recommend whipping up witches’ brew cocktails for your guests. The cocktail is typically made with vodka, but we prefer to use empress gin to give the beverage a rich, deep purple hue. Other ingredients you should include are lemon, simple syrup with fresh rosemary sprigs, and blackberries as garnish.

Bewitching Party Decor

Our ideal color palette for a Hocus Pocus-themed Halloween bash is orange, black, green, and purple. We recommend having a “black flame candle," like the one in the film, which you can D.I.Y. by painting the flame of a faux candle. You also must feature a black cat, whether living or pretend, at your Halloween party to honor everyone’s favorite Hocus Pocus character – Thackery Binx.

5. Practical Magic Party

A Practical Magic-inspired dinner party is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween with your girl gang (or should I say ghoul gang). It also doubles as a beautiful October bachelorette party theme for our spooky season-loving brides.

Cuisine and Cocktails

We recommend making coconut lime chicken in honor of the Owens sisters and their aunts' rendition of Harry Nilsson's song "Coconut." You may also showcase the coconut lime elements through your dessert by serving a zesty key lime pie or coconut lime cupcakes.

Serving midnight margaritas is essential for any Practical Magic-themed Halloween party. The recipe consists of Blanco tequila, lime juice, and rosemary-infused simple syrup shaken over ice, topped with fresh blackberries, and sliced limes for garnish. You can also add some blackberry-flavored sparkling water for some acidity and added flavor.

Decorating Tips

Setup for a Practical Magic-themed party is a more refined version of the Hocus Pocus Halloween Bash listed above. Moody, fresh florals and vintage apothecary bottles make for incredible decorations.

We suggest purchasing miniature potion bottles and filling them with dried lavender or rosemary for party favors. You may even take things a step further and brew your own potion at the party, separating it into those smaller jars for your guests to take home.

6. Horror Movie Viewing Party

Movie Snacks

Any movie night calls for popcorn, but why not take your favorite movie snack up a notch this Halloween and incorporate other frightful treats like candy corn, m and m’s, and candy eyeballs. You can also serve pizza or any other food you enjoy while watching your favorite horror movies.

Have each of your guests prepare a spooky cocktail for the group to correspond to each movie you plan to watch. For example, you can make a nightcap cocktail representing the iconic slasher movie franchise, Nightmare on Elm Street. You might also want to serve some pumpkin beer or hard cider, such as the Autumn Blaze Pumpkin Ale or Down East Cider Pumpkin Spice, at your horror movie party.

Setup & Decor

The beauty of this Halloween party theme is that you can decorate as much or as little as you wish. Those who want to fully embrace the Horror film theme can set up posters and memorabilia from the films they plan to watch. These Halloween horror photo props from Amazon will also make a great addition!

Want to take your Halloween horror movie marathon to the next level? Rent out a room at your favorite local movie theater to get the full experience.

7. Zombie Apocalypse Party


Who doesn’t want to pretend they are living amidst a zombie apocalypse for the night? Throw on your favorite zombie film or T.V. show, whether that be The Walking Dead or Warm Bodies, and enjoy the night in with your friends (if you make it out alive, that is).

What to Serve

This party is perfect for getting creative with cocktails and boozy punches! We recommend making Tipsy Bartender’s Toxic Waste, which features melon liqueur, green apple vodka, lime juice, lemon juice, and toxic waste sour candies or your favorite sour candy. You could also make Jell-O shots in syringes to resemble a zombie “vaccination.”

Other items you may want to serve at your Halloween party include candy eyeballs and gelatin brains. Zombies notoriously eat brains, guts, and everything in between. So, serving some of their favorite dishes at your zombie-themed party is only fitting.

Apocalyptic Decor

Decorating for a zombie-themed party is super fun! First and foremost, you will need warning signs and a roll of caution tape to drape across your space. You should also splatter fake blood on the tape and in surrounding areas.

For party favors, you could make zombie apocalypse survival packs, which are essentially D.I.Y. hangover kits. They are not only on the theme but practical after spending the night drinking toxic waste cocktails.


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