DIY Bachelorette Pamper Party - Ideas for a Girls Night In

Anita Ventura

April 18

Why spend your cash on an expensive party planner? Easily throw the pampering bridal shower that dreams are made.

Pamper The Bachelorette With A Do It Yourself Party

A do-it-yourself ("DIY") pampering bridal shower offers a great way to indulge and celebrate in style without blowing your budget. Sure, you can hire someone to do this, and they will do everything for you. But it's easier than you think to put together a casual spa day for your gal pals. Preplanning the event is fun and easy as long as you start the preparations in advance. Likewise, a DIY hen party means you can enjoy a great variety of themes and activities. Other advantages include the ability to plan specialized activities for the exact taste of the bride-to-be. A bridal shower is her event, and you want all the details to be perfect. For spa loving bachelorettes and her pals, hack your get together with our homemade pampering party suggestions.

What You Need To Get Started

Start gathering all the ingredients and party favors a month in advance. If you need to place an online order for specialized items, add a few more weeks to the planning. Also, figure out the party games, compile a list of questions, and have an itinerary ready to go to begin the bridal shower smoothly.

Assemble Pampering Party Bags

Think practical for the perfect pamper bachelorette favor bags, such as a mix of different color nail polishes, mini manicure and pedicure sets, disposable slippers, the latest sheet maks, and gel eye masks. Pick attractive reusable party bags that will double up as a lovely and practical treat for all the girls to bring home. Don't forget to fill them with pampering tools for the day ahead.

Spa day bachelorette party
Slouchy Outfits For Less Stress

The best way to describe this to the girls? Comfort, comfort, and even more comfort. Think roomy sweatpants, cozy pajamas, yoga pants, and even dressing gowns. Tell the ladies to nix their bras; trust me, you will welcome the opportunity if you have to wear one. The name of the game is soft, simple, and laid-back. Staying in with no guys to impress will set you free!

Relaxing and Beautifying Activities

What better way to start off a do-it-yourself bachelorette party pampering session than by making your homemade face masks? Divide the partygoers into smaller groups, let each group take it in turns to pick from a set of various natural ingredients. Now it's time to see out creative your friends can be. Be inventive with the ingredients for lots of entertainment. Things you can set out include coconut oil, honey, aloe vera, avocados, sea salt, bananas, oatmeal, coffee, and lemons. Include bowls and spatulas to help with the blending of the mask. Then don your face masks, pop the champagne, enjoy a glass or two while chatting, painting nails, and enjoying some silly party games. If assembling your mask ingredients seems like a daunting task, then no one will mind if you purchase a box of luxurious or trendy sheet masks. There's nothing like a holy sheet party, and they make for great selfies with the group to commemorate the special occasion.

Humorous Games For Good Times

The classic 'Mr & Mrs' bachelorette party game is perfect for a pampering bridal shower. Before revealing why have the effervescent bachelorette choose her favorite and least favorite nail polish. Have a list of topics ready for her gal pals to ask her. Examples would be what size bras she wears or her most embarrassing moment. Her favorite song, book, movie, and ice cream flavor are super questions. The name of her first boyfriend, or how many kids she wants. For each correct answer, the bride-to-be earns a nail painted in her favorite color. For each wrong answer - well, you get the drift. What a fantastic way for everyone to get to know each other! Plus, you learn how much everyone knows about the guest of honor. To involve her friends, even more, ensure everyone has their turn at asking a question/painting a nail. Letting your guests know in advance to bring a small gift for the bride-to-be works perfectly as an extra reward for correct answers. It also ensures the guests can individually add a personal touch for the bride-to-be.

Everyone Will Have A Pampering Good Time

The DIY Pamper bachelorette party is no marathon spa day at a five-star hotel, but who has that kind of dough to throw around. But if you're looking for an impressive way to throw a memorable bridal shower while saving money, then this is the perfect set-up. Are you having an out of town weekend of partying at a popular bachelorette destination that requires multiple activities? A pamper party would be an excellent low-key activity to do on a Sunday morning before everyone returns home. End your girls get together in a relaxing and upbeat manner will ensure everyone has great memories of the bride-to-be and the event. You can throw an inspiring event the easy way, and you can do it yourself!

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