Dinner Party Themes You Can Use

Anita Ventura

May 04

Plan your first party the easy way, make it a dinner party! Easy to scale to different sized crowds and so many themes to choose from.

For a bit of organized adult fun…

Having your friends and family over for dinner doesn’t have to be a pain if you can come up with a few twists and turns along the way and come up with an adult dinner party theme.

So, if you fancy a party with a difference, then how about hosting a party that no one will forget with an amazingly original theme with the ‘wow’ factor?

Of course, dinner parties can be fun just on their own, but they can be double the fun if you incorporate a dinner party theme – with every single bit of the planning matching the theme so you can’t go wrong!

From invites to food choices, the chosen theme leads the way.

What could be simpler?

And we know what great fun it can be organizing themed parties for children, so why not for adults too?

We all love to have a bit of organized fun with an element of competition, but sometimes we want to feel a little bit more ‘civilized’ than just having drinking games, which we all know can end disastrously!

So, for a bit of cheer up from Covid 19, have a think about some of the best-themed dinner party games out there for adults…

What Theme Will You Choose?

With literally hundreds of adult dinner party theme accessories to match whichever theme you decide on, you can’t go far wrong.

From invitations, menus, decorations, and accessories as well as fancy dress costumes and themed food, your adult-themed dinner party will be an occasion not to miss and will have your friends and family talking about it for ages.

Your guests will be involved right from the off-set from the minute they receive your themed invitation.

Whether you’re up for a good old-fashioned 1920’s murder mystery theme or a more sophisticated theme such as a James Bond casino night, there’s plenty to choose from…

Beach Party with a Twist

Okay, so we’ve all had a beach party at some stage of our adolescence but now that we’re maturer and wiser, why not take it a step further and think picnics, summer drinks, b-b-q feasts, tutti frutti, and aloha?

Your adult-themed summer dinner party could bring all the vibes of summer into your indoor or outdoor party with palm tree leaves, pineapples, and flamingos just for starters!

Cocktails with paper straws and everyone dressed for the beach with the Beach Boys or Summer Lovin’ blasting away – what’s not to love?

Beach bonfires with an emphasis on seafood to serve, beach backyard campfires conjure up the idea of hot dogs and chips, and rustic b-b-q food makes our mouths water already.

Balloon volleyball, scavenger hunts, sandcastle competitions – let your imagination run with the ocean.

Just don’t forget your shades…

Dinner party at the beach
A Roaring Twenties Bash

Maybe a time period dinner party themed decade is more your thing?

Everyone loves the Roaring 1920s as a dinner party theme with gangsters, molls, guns, cigars, and cheeky long black gloves.

Now think ‘The Great Gatsby,’ flappers, gin and it, champagne and caviar and of course, jazz music and you’ve got yourself a rave…

Perhaps you’ve always longed for a cocktail tasking evening – the 20s theme is a fabulous time to host this – gin, champagne, or absinthe were very popular drinks then.

Devilled eggs, grilled oysters, smoked salmon, sugar-glazed hams – the list of refined buffet food is endless.

And entertainment is easy for this themed party – you have the dancing sorted straightaway with the Charleston and card games such as poker, blackjack, or Canasta.

Costumes are superb with the rows of pearls and headdresses, feather boas, and cocktail dresses for the ladies and men in their black DJs.

Fabulous fun!

The 1980s – Superheroes and their Sidekicks

However, if you love the 80s more– why not have a dress-up dinner party with Superman or Wonderwoman as your inspiration? Since when has dressing up as a superhero just been for the kids?

If you’re up for being creative, you could produce some fabulous poison – edible green jello or other equally luminous coloured liquids such as with blue and red colourings can be added to your spirits to make great punches and can introduce the Hulk or maybe Captain America to your party.

Food can include chicken wings that can become batwings, wonder dogs, supermanwiches – the list is endless.

With a bit of dressing up, a few decorations, and a super menu, you can have great fun as you marvel your way back in time with your friends.

Dinner Party Themes You Can Use

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Movie and Celebs Theme Dinner Party

Lights, camera action!

If you just love the movies and all their beautiful celebrities, then maybe having a Hollywood night is just the dinner party theme for you.

This is your chance to shine as the glamourous person you always knew you should’ve been in a fancy-dress costume you adore.

Remember, a glamourous Hollywood party starts with a glamourous celebrity invitation for your guests and an A-lister menu.

Glitz and glam all the way, please.

So, bubbles, cocktails, and martini style drinks are a must.

Put a red carpet next to your front door, and you’ll set the Hollywood tone right away – add a few props such as clapperboards, directors’ chairs, cameras, popcorn, cinema tickets for entry, put gold stars everywhere and you’re well on your way.

Movie theme games such as most recognised movie theme songs can be awarded with awards and trophies, and yet more champagne is the order of the day.

Just add gold stars to hors d’oeuvres and puddings to make everything sparkle that little bit more.

Music can be the theme tunes to all the blockbuster movies – they’ll be something for everyone to love on that playlist.

Let the fun begin…

Just the two of us…

Perhaps you want to wine and dine with your loved one? Impress that significant other? Or maybe you’re in the mood for love?

Whatever reason you may have, having a romantic dinner party is an ideal dinner party theme.

And it doesn’t have to be restricted just to the two of you – a couples’ romantic night is fun for all lovebirds.

What better time of year than to spread the love than at Valentine’s Day?

Red is obviously the main colour theme here and from the love-heart invites through to the red wine and strawberry pudding, the theme literally runs throughout.

France is the infamous land of the romantics, so why not serve French food as the French are as well-known for their culinary prowess and their delicious vino rouge or champagne, as they are their romantic skills– foie gras, oysters, snails (if you’re brave), cheese and of course – crème Brulee.

After food games could include Blindman’s Bluff, Valentine’s Hearts Bingo, Name that Love Song, or Dear, I Love You – ahh!

French Finesse High Tea

Keeping on with the French theme – two themes for the price of one – not bad, eh?

Paris is one of the best places in the world to have afternoon tea, so why not indulge you and your friends in an indulgent and sumptuous tea fit for Queen Marie-Antoinette herself? After all, she did recommend we all eat cake…

Silver-tiered trays of finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, as well as pastries and cakes (madeleines, millefeuille, and macarons) to die for and with an extensive choice of tea from Assam to orange tisane.

With pretty invitations, napkins, cups, and saucers, what nicer way can you while away a rainy afternoon with friends, laughing and chatting over a very civilised Parisian afternoon tea?

This is your chance to be as prim and as for proper as you like – maybe it’s time for your Sunday best, hats, and white gloves as an optional extra!

French Finesse High Tea
Italian Bruschetta Bar Dinner

There’s absolutely nothing like this simple set-up with its endless possibilities when it comes to the Italians and their dining ideas.

This is a great fun take on the house party as your guests make their own food as they can customise their own food and drinks!

The ‘Build Your Own Bruschetta Bar’ adult-themed dinner party is a table or bar full of different spreads which are ready to be put onto grilled bread – spreads include the classic tomato and basil and the marinated eggplant and zucchini to the red onion or bacon jams.

There are simply loads of toppings you can conjure up too, from parmesan and mozzarella cheese to roasted peppers and salami.

This theme is literally pick and mix with all your favourites Italian flavours. Pizza is, of course, compulsory…

Italian wine is essential, and all decorations should be in green, white, and red.

Whatever the theme, there’s a party…

You don’t need the excuse of a holiday to have a party, and with everyone spending more time at home because of Covid 19 lockdowns, this is the time for you to be inventive with Zoom and Skype home parties that everyone can still enjoy but in the safety of their own homes.

So, whether you go for a chilli cook-off, a Moroccan themed night, a retro dinner party – whatever – there are literally hundreds of different themed parties for you to add your own taste, turns, and twists to make your dinner parties for your friends and family stand out from the rest.

Let’s Party!

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