Tips For Hosting A Spectacular Spring Garden Party

Anita Ventura

April 05

Spring is the perfect time to host a garden party. Spring means flowers and new growth and if you want to help usher in the new season in style then it's worth giving some thought to the food, drink, and decorations that you will be using to throw the best party in your garden.

Spring is finally here, meaning that days are getting longer, flowers are blooming, and warmer weather is quickly approaching. The season is also the perfect time to host an outdoor garden party for your girl gang.
Garden parties are among the most popular themes for bridal showers, birthday parties, and other special celebrations. Although, you do not need an excuse for spending time outside bonding with your favorite gals surrounded by beautiful flowers.
For this post, our team has compiled a ton of helpful tips for hosting a garden party that we are elated to share with all of you. From determining the best menu to setting the scene with décor, we are sure that your event will be super successful when following this guide.
Now, let’s get into it!

Curate The Menu

Crafting the perfect menu for your garden party is essential. We will break down some of the best food and drink options to include on your menu below.


Easy Party Food

Finger foods like meatball skewers, mini quiches, and tea sandwiches are ideal for serving at garden parties. Plus, these bite-sized treats look adorable on your table spread.
You can never go wrong with making a charcuterie board featuring a combination of your favorite meats, cheeses, nuts, and dried fruits. Some terrific cheese options to include on your board are brie, cheddar, manchego, and parmesan.
In terms of meats, we like to include prosciutto and soppressata. Feel free to omit the meat altogether if you want a vegetarian-friendly board. There are also numerous dairy-free cheeses available on the market suitable for vegan diets.
Since it is Spring, we recommend adding fresh fruits like raspberries or strawberries to your board. The refreshing fruit also provides a nice pop of color that elevates your spread to new heights. Grazing tables have also been all the rage lately and make a dreamy spread for an outdoor Spring garden party.
Lastly, be sure to save room for dessert. Sweet treats are arguably the best part of any party menu, especially when on the theme for the event. Produce is typically at its freshest during this time of year, allowing you to take advantage of fresh fruits to include on the menu. So, you may want to serve fruit tarts and miniature pies along with other desserts like cupcakes, cookies, or macaroons.

Thirst Quenching Beverages


There are many festive Spring-inspired cocktails out there waiting for you to taste test. We personally love to include those featuring fresh fruits.

You can prepare these cocktails in advance and set them out on platters for your guests to enjoy as they enter. Mimosa bars are perfect for brunch garden parties. You can set out champagne bottles with assorted fruit juices like standard orange, apple, cranberry, and peach. Some fun garnishes to add to your mimosa bar include berries, cotton candy, sliced oranges, and rock candy sticks.

Making boozy beverages in pitchers is an easy and budget-friendly way to serve your guests. It also works perfectly to craft a makeshift sangria or mimosa bar in your backyard. You may want to invest in a pretty reusable pitcher, such as this dual drink dispenser from Ebay to act as a display piece simultaneously.

For non-alcoholic beverages, we suggest serving tasty iced teas. To remain on theme, you can go with botanical options like lavender or hibiscus.

Set The Scene


While decor and setup depend on the size of one’s backyard, we plan to provide a few exciting ideas below that are handy when setting the scene for your Spring garden party.
We suggest buying disposable plastic plates since your event will likely be held outdoors. It also saves the host much time during clean-up. There are many chic options online that look similar to real fine china. You may also want to purchase plastic cups, wine glasses, and champagne flutes for the event. Glassware rentals are also offered online and are ideal for large-scale garden parties, especially bridal showers.
You may utilize wood pallets as a DIY table for those who do not have access to a picnic table. Cover them with a quality table cloth for a straightforward yet beautiful seating area for your guests. Another option would be to embrace the outdoor picnic theme and set up a cozy spot atop a large blanket.
If you intend for your garden party to go on through the evening, you may want to invest in some solar-powered LED lights. We love to use string lights or lanterns since they double as cute décor pieces.

Prepare For The Weather

Spring weather can be pretty unpredictable, particularly in late March through April. Thus, we highly suggest having a backup plan to prevent rain showers from spoiling the fun.
One way to prepare for bad weather is to keep tents or gazebos on hand so that you do not have to move the festivities indoors. Tents are also helpful in protecting yourself and your guests from the sun’s harsh UV rays, which are all the more prominent in the Springtime. Below are a few stellar tent options available to purchase on Amazon:

  • Alvantor Pop Up Bubble Tent – This clear tent makes a wonderful addition to your garden party setup. Toss in some cozy pillows and blankets for a prime photoshoot spot.
  • FDW Outdoor Party Tent – This stylish yet durable tent will keep your whole party in the shade and protected from inclement weather. Please note that this tent option is relatively large, so be sure to measure your space to ensure it will fit.
  • SUNNIMAX Canopy Tent – Basic canopy tents like this one are an excellent garden party staple. Plus, it may easily be used again for beach days or camping trips since it comes with a portable roller bag for when on the go.
If all else fails, you can suggest an alternate date when sending the invitations out to your guests. Although, there is no guarantee that every one of your guests will be available for the raincheck date.

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