What To Wear To A Rave Party

Anita Ventura

August 01

Rave events and music festivals and parties have moved on from the day's when everyone would turn up in a t-shirt and jeans. With the growth of the EDM culture clothing and outfits have become more and more important. If you are wondering what to wear to a rave event and don't want to worry about it too much, then check out our blog on rave outfits.

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Rave Outfit Ideas

One of the most exciting parts of attending a rave or music festival is being able to create your own rave outfits and check out others' rave clothing as well. Luckily, there are endless varieties of fashionable ensembles that can be constructed for rave parties using many different accessories such as but not limited to, bright colors, body stickers, body paint, and glow sticks. Ravers love to go all out on the dance floor and make a bold statement with rave culture when it comes to these events, and each member gets the freedom to design their costumes in their own unique style. In this article, we will offer some nifty tips and hacks to help you make it through your next rave party or music festival, as well as some hand-picked garments to get you as prepared as possible for your next neon celebration. If this is your first rave, then buckle up because it's about to get trippy.

When you begin planning out what to wear to rave events, you will first want to check weather conditions. If it's going to be really hot and sunny, many ravers lean towards more comfortable, breathable fabrics and hooded tops to avoid sun burn or heat stroke. If you prefer gothic outfits, we recommend this captivating hooded romper for women, which would be perfect for a day like this. For men we found this really cool LED jacket.

Colorful Rave Clothing

On the other side, other ravers prefer to go all out with their rave wear, featuring neon colors and the most vibrant, flashy, and/or comedic rave attire they could create, especially featuring things like holographic outfits and crop tops and other reflective clothing. Many men attending raves like to wear funny or colorful-looking outfits, such as this flashy cat cowboy riding a shark, vomiting rainbows. It really is quite a classy shirt. Lots of men prefer to wear shirts and accessories featuring popular cartoon characters.


For women, this holographic two-piece would make the perfect eye-catching base for many rave outfits, to be topped with more colorful and flashy accessories like these super fun LED scrunchies and colorful or eye-catching belts and chains. The outfit will really pop under strobe lights.

Music Festival Outfit

When looking for the ultimate rave parties, music festivals often host the biggest of them all. Lots of women like to cover up, but others don't mind to let it all show. For these women, we recommend rave bras such as this metallic women's rave bra in purple. We also really love these shiny platform boots with the holographic two-piece and scrunchies.

Many ravers also like to add on things like body glitter, face jewels, flashy hand fans, pasties, body paint, a unique hat with vibrant colors (Check out this mushroom bucket hat), and rave glasses. (These futuristic glasses looked really cool.) If you end up adding too many layers, you may also want to add on a hand fan like this flashy light-up one we picked out.

How Do Pasties Stay On?

If this is your first rave or festival, the chances are that you haven't yet learned the tips and tricks needed to battle the mighty sun and the bane of our existence as women- sweat. Luckily we are here to guide you! The best thing to use if you're looking to keep anything attached to your skin would be liquid latex. While you may be able to find a cheap and seemingly effective alternative at your local party store, the odds are that it won't be great quality and will begin to melt the moment you step into the sun. Instead, check out this bottle of liquid latex we found on Ebay! If you're in a pinch, you can always pickup a tube of eyelash adhesive. And pasties aren't all it's perfect for! Also try using it to add prosthetic ears or costume props directly to your skin! This stuff is also perfect for keeping face jewels and stickers on all day!

Rave Party Footwear

When considering what to wear to a rave party, it's important when considering footwear to plan for anything that may arise. Since you'll be doing a lot of walking, you should definitely plan to wear comfortable shoes. Chaco and Teva offer many different style options, as well as a comfortable sandal that secures your whole foot. Ravers should plan on bringing at least one pair of closed toe shoes as well, especially since they will be doing a lot of heavy dancing. Many ravers also like to wear sneakers, which can be purchased in many different rave-appropriate styles, such as these chunky holographic sneakers for women, or even some light up shoes such as these LED sneakers for men! There are also brands such as IGxx and Lucky Step, which feature several different stylish and comfortable options for every rave squad.

Once you've acquired comfortable shoes, you'll want to find something cool and flashy (Like these chunky-heeled holographic platform boots we mentioned earlier) in your own style to go along with the rest of your rave apparel. Some people prefer closed-toe shoes, and others prefer sandals. Whichever you choose, it's a good idea to read the reviews thoroughly before making a purchase to ensure they will be comfortable for lots of walking.

Rave Wear Inspiration

We've already mentioned a few flashy pairs of shoes and some flashy outfits, but for more inspiration, try searching rave fashion or festival clothing on Pinterest! This will also show you some other cute clothing ideas, as well as illustrating a few of the different props and toys ravers like to bring along.

Rave Culture Accessories

Both raves and music festivals generally involve the same kinds of artists, music styles, decorations and people, so there are thousands of different options to choose from when it comes to creating your very own rave outfit. Generally during a rave, many people enjoy listening to electronic dance music and partaking in the world of psychedelics, enhancing the already vibrant aura of these events. Therefore, fun accessories like kaleidoscope rave glasses or poi balls will be a huge hit for you and your friends.

Poi balls are basically balls on strings that sometimes have lights or colorful ribbons on them. This can be a very entertaining and captivating addition to your costume and a fun activity to do in your off time in between concerts! Many ravers like to bring different kinds of toys and accessories to enhance their experience, such as rave hula hoops (These flashy hoops are LED), which you can play with all night long, and maybe even learn some cool tricks!

Accessories For Music Festivals

Everyone wants to attend music festivals to enjoy large rave parties. Plan ahead to bring these necessary rave culture accessories. They include but are not limited to noise canceling ear plugs, a flashy but practical fanny pack (we found a two pack of the double pocket holographic fanny packs!), water bottles, (like this really cool one, which glows when you need to drink!), a hydration pack (an LED insulated backpack with a drinking tube to help you stay cool and hydrated), and lighter leashes (Something all your friends will be thankful for later).

Why are these things necessary, you may ask? During raves, you will likely find yourself standing in the middle of a hot field for hours. You will probably be far away from your vehicle, and you're not going to want to be carrying a bunch of stuff in your hands. This is why bringing a fanny pack, a hydration pack, and a handheld fan are so important. For one, you'll likely have to carry around your money, your ID, your keys, lighters, etc. It's important to have a secure place to hold these things close to your body since there will be no finding them if it is lost. That's where the fanny pack comes in. You will thank us later.

As for being in a hot field all day at a music festival, it would be extremely wise to invest in a hydration pack. It literally does not get any easier than having a nearly endless supply of water right at your fingertips- especially in this summer heat. Save yourself the heatstroke and pick one out right now. Sojourner Bags offers some really good quality and affordable options for these!

rave party outfits
What to Wear to a Rave or Music Festival

We truly hope this article has helped you prepare for what to wear to a rave and the insane party to come. By now, you should be all briefed on rave culture, check the dress code, and that you should wear comfortable yet stylish clothes. Whether your personal style is goth outfits, muted tones or bright colors, you will be ready for the dance floor! Remember that whether it be bikini tops, booty shorts or t-shirts, you will still have the time of your life in your rave outfit! Lastly, stay hydrated, fill your fanny pack with useful items like ear plugs, and have fun!

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